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Alaska can provide artists with so many experiences it is impossible to paint them all in a life time...

I paint as a hobby, it is a way for me to compile my experiences into an image from my imagination. Every painting I start never ends the way I intended, some are better, some are worse, but every time I wonder how I ended up completing the piece. I usually start with an idea of what I want to see but I'm never able to envision the final image. I find that this is what keeps my painting because I never know how the final image will turn out.

I really started painting at the age of 16, this was shortly after I moved to Alaska. My experiences in Alaska really inspired me to pursue, what others call, my artistic talent. In high school I began working with soft pastels and airbrush. I primarily use pastels for most of my work because of the soft texture and natural color. Occasionally I will experiment with acrylics and watercolor, but I still prefer pastels.

I try to create realism in my work, which can be hard sometimes with pastels. To me realism in painting is more then intricate detail it's about creating atmosphere, combining all the elements of nature around a subject to create a picture that people will remember. Just like the memorable experiences people encounter while enjoying the outdoors, especially in Alaska.

I am always looking for ways to improve my paintings and make them true to nature. This includes more field research and experimenting with new techniques. Being a self taught artist I'm never afraid to try something new. The creative process is what drives me to continue pursuing my artistic talent, and one day I may consider my self talented.

I've never seen art as being my career but the older I get the more I consider the possibility. For me the pressure of having to finish a painting because I have a deadline is not appealing. It's really hard for me to say that a painting is complete when I know there are so many things that could be better.